Learning Baby Sign Language

ImageYour baby will have a great deal of difficulty communicating what they need before they are able to speak.  This may be very frustration for both you and your baby, but there is a solution to this problem.  There is a program available that teachs baby sign language that can help you understand your baby’s needs.

Babies can be taught sign language from any age, but they really begin to take notice of the signs from around six months and may begin using them from as early as seven to eight months of age. As many parents will testify, babies understand an awful lot more than they are able to communicate through speech at this stage.

There have been some parents concerned that using baby sign language might result in their child not developing good speech habits as they grow.  However, research has found that babies who learn baby sign language actually develop better language skills.  As a matter of fact, it has been found that they have an  increased ability to learn other languages as well.

Many added benefits have been found when your teach baby sign language to your infant.  Researchers found that these children develop a higher IQ.  Being able to identify your baby’s needs and respond to them can ease frustrations that parents often feel around not understanding their child.  As well your child isn’t frustrated either. You will experience a deeper bond with your child when you are able to better communicate with your them.

There are a number of programs available to learn baby sign language.  You don’t need any prior knowledge and you will be able to have some fun along with your baby. One important thing to note is that you need to say the word when you introduce the sign to your child.  Also use the signs consistently no matter where you are.  It is also important that any of your child’s care givers is able to sign with them too.

When it comes to signing with their babies, most parent will use a conventional signing method but other may decide to invent their own signs. The advantage of using conventional signing allows for a larger number of people being able to understand the signs.  Learning this new skill can be both simple and enjoyable when you learn with the many books, DVDs and flashcards that are available on the market today.

More and more parents are using baby sign language and achieving a fascinating insight into their baby’s mind! This is the benefit of using this simple way to communicate.